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As the complexity of health care delivery has increased, it has become essential for physicians to understand how individual practices relate to the larger system of care. Familiarity with systems-based practice is continually emphasized throughout the course of residency through interactions with patients, as well with members of the healthcare team. Residents are challenged to better understand the relationship between the patient, the community and the health care system and the impact on health of culture, economics, the environment, health literacy, health policy and advocacy to determine their role within these social and system dynamics.

To allow for a more focused instruction, a leadership series led by the Chair is in place to help residents explore concepts such as healthy policy; value-based medicine; billing and reimbursement; contract negotiations; ethics in medicine; quality and safety; and teamwork. Several lectures on the Affordable Care Act allow participants to take a deeper dive into how legislation affects their responsibilities as physicians. The goal of the seminar is to impart residents with a greater understanding of challenges faced by the US healthcare system as it emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic and grapples with an aging population, escalating costs, and the rapid proliferation of new technologies. The varying perspectives of relevant stakeholders in the not-for-profit and for-profit domains are also examined. Guest speakers are frequently invited to present on various leadership topics; and role-playing simulations are utilized to allow for maximal interaction.

Meet OurFaculty

    • Allen M. Chen, MD, MBA Home

      Allen M. Chen, MD, MBA

      Professor and Chair
    • Peter Maxim, PhD

      Peter Maxim, PhD

      Professor and Vice Chair
    • Charles Limoli, PhD

      Charles Limoli, PhD

      Professor and Vice Chair
    • Jeffrey V. Kuo, MD

      Jeffrey V. Kuo, MD

    • Varun Sehgal

      Varun Sehgal, PhD

    • Aaron B. Simon, MD, PhD

      Aaron B. Simon, MD, PhD

      Assistant Professor
    • Jeremy P. Harris, MD

      Jeremy P. Harris, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Steven N. Seyedin, MD

      Steven N. Seyedin, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Erin Healy, MD

      Erin Healy, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Robert Hesselgesser, MD

      Robert Hesselgesser, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Steven Davis, MD

      Steven Davis, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Michael Reilly, PhD

      Michael Reilly, PhD

      Assistant Professor
    • Mengying Shi, PhD

      Mengying Shi, PhD

      Assistant Professor
    • Munjal Acharya, PhD

      Munjal Acharya, PhD

      Associate Professor
    • Shuaib Juma, MS

      Shuaib Juma, MS

      Staff Physicist
    • Janet Baulch, PhD

      Janet Baulch, PhD

      Project Scientist
    • Warren Inouye, MD

      Warren Inouye, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Robert Kwan, MD

      Robert Kwan, MD

      Assistant Professor
    • Annie Truong, APRN

      Annie Truong, APRN

      Nurse Practitioner

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